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Make your lake memories with us!

Life's a LAKE, jump right in!   You only live once...

Passengers up top are enjoying the breeze!
Jump in!
Fun times!
View from the roof..
Sunset cruise!
View from the roof!
Enjoying the waterfall at Penitentiary
Laughs and smiles always come out!
Eagle watching, captain spotted
Photo op at The Cliffs
The Cliffs at point 5
What happens when your fav song hits!
Making memories!
Kick back and enjoy the views...
We know the spots to go!
FUN day!
Even fall rides are great.
Families are welcome!
More lake memories made..
Lake goggles, CHECK!
Treat your family to a full service ride!
Smiles are guaranteed
Thumbs up!
FUN float'n
Tube?  YES!
Cozy, fast, FUN!
Relax, laugh, repeat!
Fun family trip!
The tube never disappoints...
That laugh says it all!
Clean and deep water by the dam
FUN day!
Always something to see at Hogscald
Just chill'n
Making memories
Great swimming spot
Amazing water by the dam
Blue skies, beautiful water
FUN Times!
Paradise found!
Fun times!
Guys catching up with a cold one...
Tube talk!
Popular spot to JUMP
sibiling memories
Fun for ALL ages
FAMILY time...
Yee Haw!
Launch time!
Frame it
Chilly, but fun!
Room for the WHOLE family
Quiet time for mom
Smiles and more smiles
We can take you here!
Charter Photos: Gallery
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